Weekly Structure

September 16, 2021
BY: Adam Kent

Example of Monthly Structure

Colored areas are NON-NEGOTIALBLE

Greyscale areas are where you can create some FLEXIBILITY to plan for everything else.

Plan your work and work your plan! Make a point to fill your calendar from Tuesday – Thursday, Friday next, and Monday’s if it is absolutely required. Ideally, your Monday’s are clear for working “on” your “I’ll do it later” business activities such as menial important but not urgent paperwork and getting caught up.

Where you get clear on your key results producing activities, numbers, wins, challenges, noteworthy announcements and updates. If you plan to grow a team, this is also where you have your team get clear on what’s next as well. It also provides a consistent time/day where everyone has absolute certainty that they can be heard.Training
Time set aside for continuous development. For example: This could be time to role play, memorize scripts for sales training. Building culture or improving a specific area such as working on Everything DiSC® to adapt behaviors together, touch base on recommended readings, learn about your company material, enhance your communication… Commit and implement this time to training yourself (your team) and you structured a way to continuously increasing results in the selected areas of your business!

Daily Preparation Recommendation
Take the first 5 minutes of your day to plan your work and work your plan and last 5 minutes (“plan next day”) of the day to review, reflect, and respond on your effectiveness. Until you have created the new habit and have confidence in its consistency, set an alarm on the hour for the next 7 hours. name the alarm “On or off track” and ask yourself this one question: “Is what I am doing aligned with being on track or off track?” Yes, move on! No, realign your actions to get back on track. Investing these 17 minutes daily will save you HOURS monthly.

Referral Marketing
How are you building/nurturing your strategic alliances and referral relationships? Have you joined a referral marketing group? Dedicate and time block for any specific recurring activity that you believe is important to you and your businesses success? Time block weekly to generate, maintain, and enhance opportunities.

Updates & Office
This time is allocated to make sure your office space is clean, any emails, updates, and administrative work can be completed

 “Update & Office work”

= RECIEPTS, Uploading, downloading, CRM, process checks, whiteboard goals updates, fix error’s, fulfil on outstanding promises etc.

“Office clean up” = put folders where they need to go, clean paperwork up off desk, end of week filing etc.… The intention is to go into the weekend having a clear space and mind to walk into on Monday. And of course, so you are enjoying the weekend instead of thinking about all the incompletions!

Download the Weekly Structure Template