Silly example of a system: How to Open a Door

November 13, 2019
BY: Adam Kent
A door typically blocks the entrance from one room to another. It is the passageway from one area, to another, from inside to outside. Doors can support isolation from distractions and noise, or from outside things like bugs, allergens, and strangers. It c reates privacy and when they have locks, a sense of security. Now that you have clarity on the purpose of a door, this tutorial will teach you exactly how to open one.

Step One: Finding a door 
First, you will need to locate a door that you would like to open. Make sure the door is closed for the purpose of this tutorial, trying to open an already opened door will look funny. If it is open, simply walk through, or close it and follow the next steps.

Step Two: Identify the handle
Handles are typically round (knob), or approximately 5 inches long, approximately two inches away from the door and parallel to it. The handle is usually halfway down the door. Check to see if the handle has a movable centerpiece that you can turn left and right and look for a keyhole near the handle. No centerpiece or the keyhole: Great! Move to the next step

There is a centerpiece or keyhole?

  • Centerpiece – turn the centerpiece to the left and follow the next steps. If this
    does not work, turn the centerpiece right and follow the next steps.

  • There’s a keyhole? – You will need to find the key to this door. Not every key
    will work. Follow the next steps and if the door does not open, ask the owner of
    the door if they have a key. Put the key into the hole and turn it until you hear a
    click, follow the next steps. If nothing happened, turn the key the other way until
    you hear a click then proceed to the next steps.


Step Three: Turn the knob or handle
Grip the handle or knob and rotate it around 90 degrees either clockwise, or anti-clockwise. Maintain the grip and either push or pull through your grip. If you pull and nothing happens, then you will need to push. After you have opened the door enough for you to walk through it, you can let go and walk through to the next area.

Congratulations! You are now an expert at opening doors!

Disclaimer: There are other types of doors for example, a “sliding door.”. These also have locks or keyholes that work the same way. The big difference is that once you have unlocked the sliding door, you will need to slide it to the left, or the right in order to walk through. For more information on opening doors, or if you have any challenges with a door that you have located. Contact your immediate supervisor or the owner of the door.

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