Sales Process Workflow

September 15, 2021
BY: Adam Kent

Consider this sales process workflow like it’s your favorite “recipe”: Your recipe (sales process / customer journey) provides a more unique and consistent experience than any of your competition. The example below is there to support your thought process in identifying and creating your own process. Examples to think about are:

  1. Steps taken to “lead people through the process”
  2. Specific questions to ask
  3. Materials / resources needed
  4. What you can automate to leverage your time
  5. What paperwork / systems / questions you have in place and need to put in place for consistency
  6. Information you need from the potential client / existing client
  7. Common objections and obstacles you run into in the section so you can proactively deal with them or at least, be prepared for them

Workflow Template

Download the Sales Process Workflow PDF