Follow Up handout

September 15, 2021
BY: Adam Kent

The Intention is to add value to your potential customers experience of dealing with you and your company. Almost every business says that their ‘customer service’ is the difference between them and their competitors. This is while 8 out of 10 have no system, process, or any consistent way of taking their customers through this so called defining ‘customer service’ experience!

In a few words, it is about creating a meaningful connection.

The key element to a meaningful connection is that it is meaningful to your potential customer, & not necessarily you. If you have identified their pain points and demonstrate that your product/service value is the solution, your potential customer will likely become your customer, and not your competitors. Using a real and recent case study, complete the f/up activity below and create meaningful connections to level up your f/up’s today!

Download the Follow Up! Handout PDF