Customer Service Action Form (with instructions)

November 13, 2019
BY: Adam Kent

Use the following “customer service action form” to help customize your own. Change it to reflect what you offer. Carefully consider both the process the form follows and if/when you personally need to get involved. (Hopefully, your team can handle situations without involving the business owner directly.)

For example, if you deal in products and the wrong items are shipped, your team can quickly ship the right goods and arrange for a pick-up of the incorrect order. However, If the goods are custom made, or if it’s your biggest client, you may want to be a part of the resolution process. In which case, you’ll want to be the last step in that process, so you are aware of challenges and review how your team plan to resolve them.

Communicate to your team that this isn’t simply window dressing: it is a key part of your business’ system to maintain customer satisfaction. Consider printing them on a unique colored paper so that they don’t get lost on a desk.

In most cases, things are simple and do not require additional paper trails. When there is a customer complaint, a challenge, or something that needs to be rectified, the paper trail could be the difference between a mountain and a mole hill.

If you have a CRM system in place, you may be able to create this within your existing system however if you cannot, you have this template you can reply on.

In an ideal world, you will never require a form like this, however, in reality, this form could save you and your team a whole lot of headaches.

Download the PDF