Customer Experience Checklist

September 16, 2021
BY: Adam Kent

There is only one sure fire way to improve your customer service experience. That is to be 100% honest with the answers to this checklist. That means that even if you are sure that something is done 90% of the time, it is still a no. Approach this in that manner and you will take your customer experience to a new level!

    Now you’ve got a clear picture on areas that are working great, and other areas that are not working as well as you’d like them to be. Avoid the urge to take undefined action, or to point fingers at any member of your team including yourself. So, what’s next?

    1. Determine who the accountability stops with to work on areas of improvement
    2. Identify specific parts for improvement within that area
    3. Create an action plan with a timeline on it
    4. Set a time in the future to RRR the area (Review, reflect, and respond)
    5. Repeat as necessary

      Download the Customer Experience Checklist PDF