Creating Your Sales Process: Upside Down Teacup

June 16, 2020
BY: Adam Kent

Every company has two organizational structures: The formal one is written on the charts; the other is the everyday relationship of the men and women in the organization.” – Harold Geneen

Is your current structure leading customers effectively through the sales journey? Do you have a documented sales process that is duplicating and maximizing the best of what you represent?

First, use the upside down tea cup template to map out your ideal sales process. Once you’ve created a draft that represents your best and ideal process, compare it to the reality.

You will 100% discover areas for improvement that you can enhance immediately. If you work on those areas, you will increase results and consistency. If team members are involved in any area of your sales process, get their input to create a strong and effective process that duplicates the best of what you can do.


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