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Invictus Consulting offers a number of solutions to enhance your business and life! From 121 coaching, group programs, seminars, workshops, and webinars. All of our solutions are tried and tested. It’s not high-level theory and information, it’s solid content for real life application. See our simple yet powerful process below and then reach out for a chat!

Our 7-Step Roadmap To Success


Book Your Complimentary 90 Minute Strategy Session Today!

IC have provided over 1000 strategy sessions for businesses in Australia and USA. This value packed session is designed specifically to provide clarity, direction, uncover new actions you can take to enhance your current circumstances, and accelerate your results. We are committed to the success of our professional community and offer this complimentary session valued at $349. ALL business owners have the opportunity to qualify for this complimentary session with a quick phone call and a chat. Business owners that have found value in these sessions range from startups to companies generating $150M+. It is absolutely guaranteed to shift your current reality. Book yours today!



There is a game called 501 in darts. The purpose of the game is to go from 501 points to zero faster than your opponent. There is a catch… in order to win the game, the player must “double out”. For example, if you have 40 points left, you must hit the “double 20” to win. While beginners tend to aim for the bullseye and hit the board all over the place, professionals strategically aim for the triple 20 or 19 first to reduce their points as quickly as possible. When we understand what we need to do and how to win, the game changes. We no longer aim for the conventional bullseye because we are clear that as great as that is, there are much more effective actions that can be taken. With true clarity, you will accelerate your results with less time, money, and energy wasted. The strategy session is the start of gaining clarity however, in most cases, further action is required to achieve true clarity.



When we deal with reality, honestly, it can be a lot to take in. Sometimes, it means confronting ourselves about things that are hard to hear, or ways we operate that might be hard to admit. Mindset focuses on the introspective soft skills that will allow us to deal with, take action on, and move past obstacles and roadblocks. This includes ineffective communication, self-sabotage, blind spots, limiting beliefs, and destructive patterns we need to overcome to operate at a higher level. To put it simply, better mindset equals better results!


Define Actions

Plan your work and work your plan! When you are skilled in tapping into an effective mindset with true clarity, you will be far more effective than you were just days before. Coupling this with clear strategies, structure, and key results producing activities will enable you to take consistent, effective actions to accelerate results.


Identify Technical & Soft Skills

Who you are being right now got you to where you are today. There are always new skills to learn but which ones will allow you to leap forward? IC work with you to identify and implement these new skills. To coach, train, and develop you in a way that brings out your best. You will have breakthroughs in areas and ways you never anticipated.



Imagine for a second that your profit margin is 30%. You operate your business with this belief, spend your cash accordingly buying supplies, paying bills, and covering your personal expenses too. What would happen if you were actually at 5% profit margin, or even 20% for that matter! If you aren’t clear with your numbers, track record, targets, or expenses etc. It could be detrimental to your business and your sanity. Identifying the key numbers and monitoring them often seems like hard work, but it’s easier than losing sleep with stress, never knowing what you can spend until the end of the month, or potentially losing everything without knowing how or why.


Review, Reflect, Respond (RRR)

Time is fluid, as is business. With IC, you will be able to create surprisingly accurate, predictable results. As time changes, the business adapts, grows, or moves in a new direction. We don’;t just review, reflect, respond to maintain and increase effectiveness. We show you how you can monitor your business effectively moving forward. Like the old saying goes, sharpen your axe three times, and cut once.

Invictus Consulting has an endless supply of tips, tools, resources, years of experience, expert local contacts, and an unwavering commitment to the success of small to medium businesses in the community.

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