Business Performance Checklist

October 19, 2019
BY: Adam Kent

The purpose of this checklist is to identify what is working, and what is not working as well as you’d like it to in your business. This means to answer a YES, it must be a 100%, we can prove it, and everyone in our company agrees. Consider that anything else is a NO.

1 Do you have a clear and compelling CORE PURPOSE that explains why your company exists?
2 Do you have clear, written, core values to guide the behaviours of you and your team?
3 Do you have a clear, compelling long-term strategic vision for your business?
4 Have you identified which activities are (or are NOT) core to your chosen strategy?

5 You have a current Profit & Loss statement for the year to date and accounts are reviewed at least monthly?
6 Clear terms of trade are in place and accounts receivable are effectively followed up and not past 30 days?
7 You have financial projections and cash flow forecast in place for the next 12 months?

8 Have you a Brand Promise/Value Proposition that sets you apart from your competition?
9 Have you identified the key characteristics of your target market customer?
10 Have you identified the key frustrations, problems, needs and desires of your target market?

Have you a lead generation structure that provides a consistent stream of qualified leads, maximising your return on investment (R.O.I.)?

12 Do you have a clearly documented sales process from enquiry through to customer purchase, post sales, and retention?
13 Sales performance is managed weekly and data is monitored for improvements.
14 Product/service pricing is being reviewed every 90/180 days to ensure value for clients and profit for the business?

15 Do you have every major role in your company filled with an ‘A’ player?
16 Have you clearly documented who is responsible for the key functional roles within the business, clear position descriptions for these roles, and how performance will be tracked and measured?
17 Do you use a dashboard/scoreboard to make your performance visual every week?
18 Do your team know the consequences for achieving/not achieving the performance standards for their role?
19 Do you provide training/development for all team members?

20 Does your company have clearly documented and visual numerical targets?
21 Does your company have clearly documented strategic priorities to implement in the next 90 days?
22 Do you track and measure the handful of key performance indicators (KPI’s) every week that drive your business?

23 Do you have a 1-page strategic plan that has been updated in the last 90-days?
24 Does your management team conduct well-structured execution meetings with team members on a weekly basis to achieve objectives?
25 Do you hold your team members accountable to action progress every week?
26 Do you have an effective process in place to drive innovation and improvement?
27 Do you, as a leader, take care of yourself with at least a monthly commitment to your personal/professional development to perform at your best?


This is just a snapshot of what drives high-performance in your business. Want your business performing up to its potential? call Invictus Consulting today to find out how. Mention an area from this checklist and we will provide you with a complimentary business resource to get you moving in the right direction. No strings attached.

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