About Us

Invictus Consulting (“IC”) provides a level of certainty with many years of experience in business consulting, coaching, and the nature of human behaviors.



Our Intention

Invictus Consulting began with one clear intention in mind.  To make a positive, & tangible difference to each person, beginning with our clients, and expanding into our community.  We exist to increase the success of small to medium businesses.

We only win when our clients do. We are profoundly grateful that we continue to exist as it is evidence of our clients continued wins, and our absolute unwavering commitment to their success. We did not begin with an intention to impress with eloquent words or by sharing stories about our own triumphs. Everything we do, is to accelerate your results. Just in case it isn’t clear, it is never about us.

It is always about you!

In alignment with everything above, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary 90-minute strategy session. Allow us the opportunity to make a difference not with our words, but through our actions. We will not promise miracles in this 90-minute session. We will, however, make you three promises, confidently. 

You will gain: 

1. More clarity

2. More direction, and;

3. Effective action(s) you can take immediately.