10 Unique Ways to Market Your Product or Service

October 18, 2019
BY: Adam Kent

10 Unique Ways to Market Your Product or Service

Maybe you’ve got dynamic services and products, unique and wonderful yet sales aren’t growing. You’ve tried every conventional technique you can think of but nothings changing. Maybe it’s time to try something new! Unconventional techniques have been used successfully by many businesses. It might be time for your business to try these methods too.

1. Inquire about complaints, not just testimonials
Ever been frustrated, wished things were better but kept quiet about how you really felt? Your customers are no different. Wouldn’t you like to know how they really felt so you can make improvements and adjustments to meet and possibly exceed their expectations? Make it easy for them to do so, make a customer complaint/feedback form readily available or you could reach out to your best customers and ask them what you can do differently, or better, to improve their experience with you.

2. Strategic “name-dropping”
Pick a well known, impressive company and give them a “free” offer. You won’t need to carry out a huge lengthy project before you are able to use their name as a reference in your future sales opportunities. There are ways you can effectively “name-drop” that will allow you to leverage the experience your business, just make sure you are clear on your numbers and the value this strategy will bring first.

3. Don’t talk about your business
Create a list of great referral sources and prospects for your business. Devote a few hours a month to connect with them and find out how you can add value to them. Invest the time in getting to know them, their needs, possibly even who you know that might be great referrals or prospects for them. Make it all about them, be interested, not interesting!

4. ASK for referrals
You have clients that rave about you, that love what you do, and that respect who you are. What if they assume you are so amazing, that they think you’re too busy to send you more business. ASK for referrals, and don’t be shy about it! The trick is to ask in a complimentary fashion, for example, “Jane, working with you is seamless, and I would love to work with more customers just like you. Who do you know that would benefit from our level of care? If you think of someone, I would love an opportunity to connect.”

5. Stop with all the routine “discounts and sales”
Is your customer really loyal if they only show up when you have a clearance sale at the end of every week or month! Respect the value your business provides to increase your profits and create true loyalty. Unless you’re looking for the discount seeking customers, respect your value, or don’t expect your customers to.

6. Market to their worries
Every business solves a problem. Even if you sell funny products, the problem you solve is for customers that are looking for unique gifts. What problem does your business solve, and how do you communicate that with your customers?

7. Who is your business vertically aligned with
The bookkeeper and CPA, printer and signage company, graphic designer and website builder, and the list goes on! What local businesses have the same customers as you that don’t do what you do? Set some meetings and create affiliations!

8. Word of mouth
There are many excellent professional networking events in your town with local associations like the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary. Also, industry exclusive referral networking groups like BNI with chapters around the world that generated over 18 billion dollars in 2018. Step outside of your comfort zone, devote time building relationships with local professionals to create a flow of qualified referrals

9. Give away some awards
Gift certificates, sponsorships, best client awards, and scholarships… Goodwill and community involvement builds customer loyalty. Doing it effectively could land you some free publicity in the local papers too!

10. Leverage through bartering
A graphic designer can approach local magazines bartering services with minimal costs in exchange for free advertising in local monthly issues. Think about what you do and how your products or services can add value through bartering deals.

Whether it costs you money, time, or resources, marketing has a cost. Create a plan, do the research, and make sure you have some clarity before pulling the trigger on any marketing campaign. Efforts in preparation could save you from disasters!


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