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What We Do

There is a quote attributed to Einstein which said, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Truth is, each of us have great abilities but our focus is often on the opposite. We wonder why things aren’t going the way we want, how hard we have to work, about having no time, and no matter what we do, it barely changes much.

We believe that everyone has what it takes to be successful… with clarity, direction, and accountability. What we offer is the opportunity to realize your abilities through a series of specialized coaching services designed for you to produce real results. Not theory… practical, actionable content and real-life application.

We work with our clients through specialized one-two-one coaching sessions, sales coaching, business mastery programs, and by adapting to behaviors that will increase your ability to communicate with anyone in your personal and professional life. When you choose to work with Invictus Consulting, you won’t be a fish out of water.

Our RoadMAP

Our 7-Step ROAD map to success

  1. Gap analysis to uncover your current reality.
  2. Your mindset, the psychology and physiology of success.
  3. Get clarity around your road to success.
  4. Define your key result producing activities of how to get there.
  5. Identify, learn, and implement the technical skills required to achieve your goals.
  6. Track, measure, and refine goals.
  7. Review, reflect, and respond to maintain effectiveness.

How Do I Know If I Need a Business Coach?


The short answer is nobody has to have one. Then again, Bill Gates started his famous TED talk with “Everyone needs a coach”. Eric Schmidt, ex CEO of Google on his Fortune’s best advice i ever got interview said, “over the years i’ve received so many different kinds of advice i don’t know where to start. One that comes to mind is to have a coach.”  Having an effective coach accelerates this process which in turn, accelerates results. An Invictus Consulting coach is your unreasonable friend that is committed to your success and whose conviction is greater than your doubt.

Are you confident this will work for me, what’s your guarantee?

To answer this, we must clarify that you know the difference between information and content? Before reading on, please click this quick explainer if you are unsure.  While information is useful, content is the information presented in such a manner that you are able to understand and take appropriate actions. Invictus Consulting provides rich content in a street smart practical way to make it simple for you to implement and take action. Like your home, every successful business is built on a solid foundation regardless of industry or profession. Our promise is that as long as you follow through with the actions and take on the coaching, you will see the return of at least double

What results have other business owners seen?

Adam Kent, the founder of Invictus Consulting, moved from Australia to Las Vegas in 2016 to enjoy the finer things in life, spending quality time with his relatives and extended family. Two months after arriving, his uncle lost his job so Adam entered into a partnership to build a business that would support his uncle and extended family. While building his family business, Adam continued to work with Las Vegas business owners ranging from car detailers, speakers, marketing consultants, health care providers, masseuses, entertainers, business consultants, and business coaches. The results these professionals saw ranged from gaining 20 hours a month back in time, increasing sales by 10% – 300%, winning critical contracts, implementing new systems to create leverage and consistency, and creating sales processes with a 10% – 30% increase in conversions and more. His family business profited over $100k in its first year of launching as well. These are some examples of results produced in the last few years but even prior to that, Adam has coached almost 300 business owners and teams in Australia and has provided over 1500 strategy sessions giving entrepreneurs clarity and direction. Book your complimentary session today and experience it for yourself!  

WHAT IS A GAP ANALYSIS / strategy session?

Change begins when we deal with reality. In your personalized strategy session, you are guided through a seven step process to get you clear on your road map to success. This includes;

  • Reality: To get to where you want to go, we need to know the reality of where you are.
  • Mindset: understand and implement the psychology of success
  • Clarity: Knowing which areas to take effective actions and produce results in 
  • Direction: Identifying key results producing activities
  • Skills: Improvement areas in technical and soft skills
  • Monitor: Track & measure
  • RRR: Review, reflect, respond, and continue to take effective actions
What areas do you coach in?

We coach around all aspects of business including sales, marketing, systems, planning, business finance, leadership/teams, and lifestyle balance. Our expertise and where we shine is in the most critical area that is often missed or neglected, mindset. Each of us have a “default” way of operating. A way we interpret information, make decisions,  and react to circumstances around us. When we transform the way we operate on a default level, it quite literally transforms the way we think and take actions in a truly extraordinary way.